Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Summer lolita alternatives.

You may think to yourself when going through clothes or plainly just staring into space. What do I really need in my Classic/Goth/Sweet lolita wardrobe for summer? The truth is, you need more items than you may be thinking are necessary! Just having the usual, quite formal lolita undergarments (I'm looking at you bloomers!) is going to be hard to wear or make do with in different conditions and seasons. So here is a short list of what I believe is extremely necessary in the summer but overlooked by many lolitas.

1. Pajama Shorts
Wear these during summer instead of bloomers! They are usually loose, comfy, and designed for warm weather. So ditch the lacy white bloomers this summer and grab a pair of these. Country road kids does really nice pajamas that come with these types of shorts.

2. Underskirts
A lighter, less fluffy and only slightly less puffy version of a petticoat. With less layers it may not last as long, but it's just for summer, so it doesn't really need to last as long as a petti.

3.Chiffon Blouse
Instead of wearing a blouse with ruffles and stiff cotton collars, why not invest in a chiffon blouse like this? It's lighter, flowy, and better for hot summer days.

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