Sunday, 9 March 2014

Lolita Bible issue 51 + Topshop socks

Yesterday I went to the city, again, and I bought a few things. I thought I might share my little (Big) things I got in a quick blog post.
First of all I went to Kinokuniya, and went straight to the Japanese section. And get this: My Kinokuniya does not only stock the most recent Gothic & Lolita Bible, It also stocks every single one of them for $27.10. I looked at the covers of nearly all of them. From the first one published- in 2002- to the editions in 2008! I was so overwhelmed that I couldn't not buy one! So I broke my "no spending until you have $500" (Like that was going to happen anyway.) rule and bought issue 51, as you can see below.
 Gothic & Lolita Bible issue 51- purchased by me

The next thing I did was be dragged to Topshop by my mum. I at first thought "Nooooooooo, let me go home to read my magazine!" But then I spotted the socks section and fell in love with them all. They have short ones with lace, long ones with lace and some pairs that had pugs & cats printed on them. You can probably guess what happened next. I showed them to my mum and she said she thought they were cute, so she would buy me three pairs (That was only because there was some 3 for 2 business going on, but that turned out only being available in England topshops.) Here is a sidewards (whoops!) picture of them:
Topshop socks, gifts from my mum
I shan't forget the lovely bag they came in: (Also sidewards.)
I will probably do a post around something to do with the gothic & lolita bible, but until then, goodnight!

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