Friday, 7 March 2014

My lolita wardrobe March 2014

Lolita wardrobe!
Hmmm.... It's been a while since I've posted, I hope nobodies noticed... 
I really do want to show all of you people who are reading my blog my lolita wardrobe. Currently all my items are off brand, but are lolita. Very soon I will be making a Bodyline order, so I look forward to that.
Because many of the items are  from when I was a child, some of these things don't exactly fit me, however most of them do.
I'll start with an overview, then take pictures of the different sort of items I have, then next to those pictures dot poits of what I own

First of all I just wanted to say that my lolita wardrobe isn't big, Infact if you take out the 1 Jsk that doesn't fit properly, it's tiny. But I love it and really don't care that I don't own any brand.
Second thing, I have a mixture of classic and sweet.
And last thing, I am still working out what style I want to be, and it's really hard to decide.

But anyhoodle, enjoy!

[Excuse the David Bowie t-shirt on the right.]

So, this is my wardrobe/ fireplace in all it's candy coated beauty.

- I have my jewellery, nail polish, dolls, money box and other bits on the fire ledge.

-In the middle I have my blouses, petticoats, JSK's and clothing.

- But, right at the very bottom is my favourite part, where my bags, shoes, beanies, hats and socks are. [Including my garbage bin which is that pink thing!]

-Pink Gingham button up JSK

-Navy blue Corduroy button up JSK, high neckline

-Rose Petal Cream JSK

-Sailor blue long sleeve blouse, [ZARA]

-Cable knit short sleeve blouse, [JCrew]

-Blue knee length petticoat [Country Road]

-Pink fairy skirt [Used as an additional petticoat.]

-Navy blue waist apron

-Black patent lace up boots [Wannabe]

-Blue gumboots with light blue stars [Target]

-Yellow clogs

-White loafers

-Pink felt "Strawberry slippers" [Magic Felt]

-Dark blue and cream spotted shoulder bag [Cath Kidston]

-Rainbow sparkle handbag [Jcrew]

-Picnic basket handbag.

-Black felt bag with cherry. [Magic Felt.]

-Pink and lime handmade crochet shoulder bag.

Other bits & pieces
-Jewellery box

-Katy Perry "Meow"

-Nail polishes

-Hello Kitty watch

-My mannequin called George

-Elizabeth Arden "Splendour"

Thanks so much for reading my blog post, I really appreciate it. If you like my blog I would be over the moon if you were to comment, follow or +1 my post

-Vanilla Kitty

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