Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Print I would like to see & a lot about it.

Dream Prints
In this post I am going to go into detail about prints I dream of being real. These are all fake, although I might include a picture or a print that is similar. I'm hoping my adjective and describing skills are not to ridiculous and that I don't bore you with my ramblings! Well, anyway, on with it!

Misty Graveyard
The print starts off with forest green patches of grass at the bottom with the detail of weeds. Clovers, dandelion leaves and small clusters of stinging nettles accompanying it. A little mist is hinted ever so slightly right above this, followed by the beginnings of  ancient looking grave stones, covered in deep green moss. Another slightly thicker layer of mist floats above this, translucent. The gravestones are now very visible, some rising up into a foggy grey/ dim blue/ ivory/ magenta sky/ mars black while others you can only just see the heads of. Of course these gravestones are all a stone shade of grey, but most have vines, weeds, grass or moss creeping up them. Giant Yew trees sit around spots in the graveyard, their interesting leaves made with huge detail. So much that I can see the individual spindles on the deathly poisonous plant. The branches reach up, and up, and up the garment stopping around the waist, seemingly because of the fog that slowly makes them less visible. The colour of the fog on the piece depends on which colour the person orders. It would come in an A-line Op, JSK with neck cross straps, and puffy skirt. The bag would be a grey leather grave stone, that the person could choose what was engraved in it. The blouse would be ivory with a peter pan collar along with detachable sleeves. The head accessory is a black silk rose on a medium thickness headband, also covered in the soft silk. The JSK & OP would both retail at $135, the bag $70, headbow & other accessories $22. Either it would be sold at my own brand, or by Alice And The Pirates.

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