Saturday, 5 April 2014

D.I.Y Kawaii work place

What you will need
- Your desk & Chair
- Tissue Box.
- Stickers
- about 2 metres of a cute material.
- Small Plushies
- Old Mugs or Drinking Glasses
- Your Manga books or anime DvDs
- Laptop or other stuff you use.

Places and Shops to get stuff
- Kinokunya
- Spotlight
- Morning Glory
- Ebay
- Storenvy

Step one:
Clear your desk of everything and cut out one metre of your fabric, placing it like a table cloth over your desk. Some could be hanging over the end in a cute, messy way.

Step two:
Take your stickers, and cover the mugs or glasses with them, then place them at the back of your desk and fill with pens or pencils.

Step three:
Take the other metre of the fabric and drape it on your chair, adding some plushie toys to make it cute and comfy!

Step four:
Put your tissue box in an easily accesable position and surround it with some more plushies. If you are lucky enough to own a Hello Kitty, Rillakuma or other cute character tissue box cover, use that.

Step five:
Find a nice place on your desk and line or stack notepads, manga books, Anime DvDs; It doesn't really matter what it is, as long as it's cute in a kawaii way.

Step six:
Finally, add your laptop of desktop computer in the middle, making sure it doesn't block any of the other things you have set down.

- You really could use this for any style of lolita, just replacing things like the stickers you use and the type of material

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