Sunday, 23 February 2014

Lolita Wardrobe for $500 or under challenge! Sweet edition

Today I am setting myself a blogging challenge. To create a lolita wardrobe for under $500.
I have wanted to do something like this for a really long time, but because of certain people *stares at little brother* stealing my laptop, I haven't had access to my computer.
'The challenge is simple. I have to browse websites and online shops to find cheap, but good quality items, to make a complete lolita wardrobe. I am going to do a sweet and classic one, but today I am doing sweet. I will list the brand, name of item and will put the link, just in case you are interested in the item.

Some things you should know before:
1. I am not actually going to buy any of these things, it is merely an online challenge.
2. I don't currently have $500.
3. This is for other people, use it for help if you want.
4. I will be using a little help off this F yeah lolita post, but mostly I came up with my own template for what a complete lolita wardrobe is for me.
5. And finally, I am a very small person, so some of the things I put in it may be kids clothing.

Without further a do, lets start!

er....makes things poof up a bit.....?

White, fluffy petticoat


Special piece ( Saved for meetups and other special occasions.)
When you go to a meetup or other special occasions, you don't really want to wear your normal lolita outfit, so maybe get an op in a colour with a cute print, something that stands out a little more than usual.

Pink OP

This is a really cute dress. It's print is little playing cards scattered across the fabric.the bow is a cute touch. (Sorry the picture is bad)

3 jumper skirts.
Jumper skirts are easy to coordinate, thus, making them a good thing to stock up on. Shops like bodyline are good resources for them. Before buying anything from their online shop, please watch this video: all copyright to princesspeachie. I am no expert at wardrobes so please feel free to tell me off if I say anything wrong!


Saxe blue JSK

I think this is one of my favourite jumper skirts of all time.
It looks so much like candy with all it's stripes and bows.


Cake embroidery JSK

Details are: just here


cherry chiffon JSK


2 blouses
So, here is the thing: If you buy jumperskirts, you are going to need at the least two, good blouses. I think a white and off white one would be good, although you could do any two combinations, but having a white one would be best, because it can go with anything- or any style.

Blouse no.1

Off white long sleeve blouse.


Blouse no.2

White short sleeve blouse.


Pair of shoes that will go with everything.
So, I was up to here and then realised that I only have $106 left, so I think I can only get one pair of shoes.

White plain shoes.



pink tights



Socks with lace



 head accesories.
A lolita is no lolita without her cute bows and hair pieces!

Angelic Pretty head clips.

$27 (I am not sure though.)


What is a lolita to do without a lovely bag to go with her outfits?

Strawberry bag

It won't let me get a link for it, but it is on the body line website, in the category "lolita" and then sub- category bags. 

Total: $453

Under $500
Well, I have done the challenge, and I feel strongly that this is a good representation of a small sweet lolita wardrobe. Others might think otherwise, and if you do, please comment below any changes you think would be good. Thanks for reading!

- Vanilla Kitty 

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