Saturday, 22 February 2014

Gothic & Lolita Bible: Volume 50, winter 2013

Yesterday, I went to the city. Mainly for the reason to buy this magazine/ book. I went to kinokuniya, (which is my favourite book shop of  all time) and went on a adventure to look for it. I found it in the Japanese magazine section, (Which, by the way, made me have a complete dither with delight attack.)
Unfortunately, I failed to check how much it normally costs beforehand, so I ended up having to go over my budget, because folks... it was a whopping $30!

 For a magazine that isn't even in my language, it didn't take that much pleading to borrow $2 from my parents. The thing that erked me was that I could've bought the Angelic Pretty magazine, and gotten a black sugary carnival bag for free. *sigh* (Please consider at this time I hadn't actually read the Gothic & Lolita bible.)

So, I bought it, and went home to read this $30 magazine.
And, I really did enjoy it! I can't read any Japanese at all, but the pictures were self explanatory and the brands were in English. I defiantly will be buying it again in the future.



A 2014 diary, with gorgeous art all over it.

stickers with the designs of the diary.

My favourite pages:
(Sorry that they are upside down.)

A very 'sweet' page.

Crazy OTT lace outfits!!!

My favourite outfits:

Playing card chic!!!

I love these dresses so much.

Well, thanks for checking my blog out!!!!
- Vanilla kitty, out!

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